Friday, January 4, 2008

In The Beginning....

Welcome to my new blog! Not only do I hope to use this blog as a place to share recipes, cooking tips, as well as any other useful food tips - but it is also a place to organize and house all my recipes. I have recipes everywhere - on recipe cards, printed off the computer, in cookbooks that are earmarked and even some in Mircosoft Word documents. It's no wonder I can never find a favorite recipe when I need to. This is where the organizing comes in. Everday I will try to post a new recipe - I emphasize try. In the beginning it may be even be more than one a day.

Additionally, I am always looking for new recipes and ideas to change my existing recipes. So please feel free to leave comments with suggestions.

Since I have two small children, Marie is 8 and Shane is 6 - I am always looking for recipes kids love. My son is an extremely picky eater and won't even try new things. So it can be a bit tricky finding new recipes for him. He gets this from my husband of 12 years, Rick - who will at least try new things, but forget about things out of the ordinary. He is basically a meat and potatoes type of guy. And he likes his food plain, plain, plain - no spices for him.

Well, that's all for now - I hope you all enjoy the recipes I post and I look forward to your input. Have a great day!

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Karen and Bill said...

Hi Jennie!

Wow this is cool! I love your blog. The header is very cool. I remember when we were back there Thanksgiving of 2004, and all Shane would eat was mac and cheese! This is a great idea and I'll look forward to getting some new recipe ideas. Seems like we always end up having the same old thing, time after time.