Thursday, May 22, 2008

Heating Up the Grill

Now that grilling season is in full swing I thought I would a new tip I learned. Preheating the grill is important so you can get the right temperature. Most gas grills come equipped with thermometers to tell you exactly what heat you are working with. However, I recently read a new way to tell the temp of your grill. Really it is an old fashioned way - needless to say I like the idea.

You hold your hand approximately 6 inches above the spot where the food will be cooking, and begin counting how many seconds you can keep your hand in this position. Here is the breakdown

High Heat: 3 seconds or 500 F

Medium High Heat: 5 seconds or 400 F

Medium Heat: 7 seconds or 350 F

Medium Low Heat: 10 seconds or 325 F

Low Heat: 12 seconds or 300F

Tune in tomorrow where I will write about marinades and rubs for grilling.

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